Medicheck was founded in 2007 in Istanbul/Silivri with company resources of 100% Turkish capital to manufacture radiopharmaceutical products. With a highly qualified and environmental friendly sense of manufacturing, Medicheck makes production in a 3000 square meters of indoor area.

In Medicheck, which has began its commercial production in 22 October 2009, almost all the equipments used in production are available with their backups and F-18 based products production is being carried out under supervision of skilled staffs and through the application of high technology equipments. In addition Medicheck started to import Tc99m radiopharmaceutical labeling kits in 8 May 2013.

Being a part of FEFA Nuclear Medicine LTD, a subsidiary of SintiAS Group corporation, Medicheck believes in the concept of "human first", intends to achieve excellence in its activities and continuously renews itself by closely following technological developments; besides Medicheck attaches great importance to quality standards and within this scope it provides service following the concept of “Intagrated Management System”.

Medicheck has been in strategic alliance with GE Healthcare, one of the world's biggest companies in the health sector, and has been providing service as GE Healthcare's training base for Asia, Europe, Middle Asia and Africa regions since its establishment.